Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need ongoing pest treatment?

Pest activity will decrease with future seasonal treatments. Each exterior treatment will maintain a protective barrier around your residence and property. Between regular treatments, if you see more than the occasional pest, Alterra will return for absolutely free!
As with any pest control program, ongoing maintenance is necessary to ensure control and help prevent future infestations. Pests will always continue to look for food, water and shelter - all of which can be provided by the interior of your home. No matter how clean your house may be, the pests will enter. Therefore it is best to have a trusted professional provide seasonal inspections and treatments to help keep pest populations at a minimum. Our pest specialists know which pests are active as the seasons change, and which treatments will be most effective to protect your home throughout the year.

Will I still see pests after my first treatment?

Following service it is common to see pests one to two weeks after treatment. Even after your original infestation has been eliminated, pests living outdoors will continue to try to enter the home. Therefore an occasional pest may be seen between regular seasonal maintenance treatments. If you have more than an occasional sighting of pests inside, please call us and we will happily return with a solution at no additional cost.

What kind of training does my Alterra Service Pro have?

Alterra’s thorough training and screening measures are what set Alterra apart from the average exterminator. Our service pros are state-licensed professionals that have completed Alterra’s exclusive safety and pest prevention training programs. Additionally, your service pro has completed rigorous drug screenings and criminal background checks prior to being hired. These screenings are followed by annual motor vehicle report checks and random employee drug testing.

Does Alterra treat the inside?

Alterra guarantees control over pests for both the inside and outside of the home. Dependent upon the level of infestation, your pest specialist will often recommend treatment solely on the exterior of the home. Because all pest problems originate from the outside, most insects can be controlled through regular exterior maintenance. This also ensures minimal use of chemicals inside the home.

Does your pest control service have a strong odor like my previous exterminator?

Alterra’s application methods, products, training and a commitment to the environment separate us from the competition. We provide our customers with progressive solutions that have minimal or no odor. Our pest specialists undergo continual training on the latest technologies, allowing us to provide you with the most effective customized service, without leaving a strong odor behind.

Can Alterra’s pest control products damage my lawn or vegetation? What about carpet or flooring?

Alterra’s progressive solutions provide customers with a pest-free environment without damaging effects to lawn, plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. Our treatments also have no damaging effects to the home’s interior, including carpets, wood or tile flooring, etc.

Will outside treatments wash away as a result of rain or moisture?

Once a liquid treatment has dried, a durable residual barrier has adhered to the surface and will resist being washed away by rain. If your specialist performs service in wet conditions, he or she may utilize granules or other treatment measures to guarantee your home's full protection. Different products may also be used throughout the seasons for maximum control. Your specialist will know best when to apply products in different weather conditions to guarantee your home’s protection.

Are electrical pest control systems that plug into a home’s electrical outlets effective?

This type of pest control system is typically found advertised on late night infomercials. These ultrasonic devices have been tested by entomologists at major universities and been found to have little to no effect on insects. Some devices may be beneficial in some situations for rats and birds, however these have their limitations and usually do not produce the desired results.

What is Nothing But Nets?

Alterra is a proud sponsor of Nothing But Nets, a non-profit group dedicated to stopping the spread of the deadly disease Malaria, transmitted by the mosquito bite. Partnered with the United Nations, Nothing But Nets is dedicated to saving lives in Africa and other parts of the world. Alterra annually dedicates a portion of company profits to the Nothing But Nets campaign to provide insecticide-treated mosquito bed nets to the countries with the greatest need. Together we can help save the lives of millions from this deadly killer.


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"Michael went above and beyond with cleaning the exterior of my home. He also took the time to explain what he was doing and how the treatment will help with pest control. My "OTHER" company didn't explain anything and just did the bare minimum. Michael did an excellent job. Thanks Mike!!!"
-Christina P., Washington D.C.